Common Misconceptions About CBD

Common Misconceptions About CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is often a topic of complex discussions and arguments involving countless aspects regarding its legality and usage. It is also because usually, the advertisements include pretty questionable formulations. But Honey Organics knows the reality and goes an extra mile to create CBD products specifically for your health and beauty needs.

Let’s bust some misconceptions about CBD so you can better understand the true significance of this fantastic product:

CBD Can’t Help With Health Conditions

People think CBD does not contain any ingredients that may treat any health-related concerns. And often back it up by saying that the evidence is not enough. In contrast, a good amount of studies suggest quite a few amazing results CBD is capable of producing. The approval of Epidiolex by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a clear sign that medications consisting of CBD are effective.

CBD, A Schedule 1 Narcotic

Due to the cannabis’s Schedule 1 classification, it is hard to do research; however, some have the permission to do so. Columbia University did a study on the usage of CBD with conventional treatment regarding glioblastoma. It is a cancerous brain tumor found in adults. The usual treatments of the disease are through radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. The study revealed that CBD could weaken and kill cancerous cells. And all this without damaging the healthy cells. Interestingly, a good amount of research has been done even outside the U.S. that supports the positive outcomes of CBD.

The different studies were able to show that CBD can play a significant role in treating colon cancer, ulcerative colitis and can even lessen anxiety.

CBD Is Unreal

A vast number of people have misconceptions about CBD that it is nothing but a promotional product with no considerable benefits. However, the facts speak differently. The wellness industry is only reaping benefits from the incredible product that is coming out to be hard to believe for some.

Due to its remarkable positive outcomes, use of CBD in beauty products is gradually increasing. While some people may not like it, they cannot deny its countless benefits in cosmetics and medicinal products.

7 Days, No Result

There are countless explanations where a person using CBD for a few weeks and could not see any results. Mostly the experimentation is happening under situations where the individual does not have any severe or specific symptom or health concern. Such evaluation is of no value. CBD will only show the result if there is something not right and you are using it for the intended purpose.

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CBD, Just Another Marijuana

They derive from the same cannabis plant, but they are different. CBD comes directly from a hemp plant or is manufactured in a laboratory. Moreover, it does not cause a high as the presence of THC is less than 0.3 percent. Therefore, it would be wrong to consider CBD to cause any psychoactive effects. Due to which the compound is capable of treating anxiety and even depression.


CBD has countless benefits to offer to anyone who uses it with the correct dosage. Due to misconceptions about cbd, some people consider it harmful. But before reaching any conclusion, it is always wise to do ample research to avoid making wrong decisions.