CBD Chocolate Recipe: How to Make CBD Chocolates

CBD Chocolate Recipe: How to Make CBD Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We are sure no one of you can resist saying a big ‘YES.’ Have you ever heard about the term’ healthy chocolate’? 

Since our childhood, we have been associating chocolate with unhealthy snacks, maybe because no one of us ever tried cracking the healthy recipe. 

Anyone of you ever heard about the term ‘CBD chocolate’? We know that it’s a unique thing for many of you, while few may know about CBD chocolate. So, if you are a chocoholic and addicted to the consumption of chocolate then, this writing piece is for you. 

You must wonder how hemp can be paired with the chocolate well; this is the secret recipe we will crack here. Let’s drool in this unique chocolate recipe and treat your taste buds beyond flavors. 

Marijuana leaf with chocolate

What is CBD Chocolate?

Before we jump into the CBD chocolate recipe details, let us give you a quick review of what exactly CBD chocolate is? 

The name is enough to give you a hint that CBD chocolate is the type of chocolate that contains a certain amount of (cannabidiol). If you are not familiar with the term, let us tell you that CBD is one of the significant compounds extracted through the plants of cannabis.  

However, it is entirely non-alcoholic and has a high concentration of hemp plants. 

While the most common way of consuming CBD is by placing its oil under the tongue, this process is generally entitled to the sublingual administration considered highly effective in consuming CBD. Though there are many other ways of consumption, too, not everyone likes taking it directly. 

So, to save you from hassle, here we are with the secret recipe of CBD chocolate that you can surely crack to make your CBD consumption joyful. 

CBD chocolate falls into the category of edible CBD products made with the fusion of earthy hemp. However, the taste of hemp is bitter, which is why many people avoid consuming it directly. To make consumption delightful, food experts cracked unique recipes, and CBD chocolate is one of them. 

How to consume CBD chocolate? 

We know that for chocolate lovers, one bar is not enough, and you may desire to devour into many but, in the case of CBD chocolate, you need to be cautious because it serves more as a health supplement than just a sweet tooth. Likewise, CBD gummies, CBD chocolate is divided into many square bars, and each of the chunky bars contains a specific amount of dose of CBD.

Let’s Make a Calculation 

Imagine your chocolate bar has around 100 mg CBD divided into ten squares. This means two squares a day. Hence, if you are suggested to consume chocolate daily, make sure to intake 20mg each day. 

One of the significant concerns consumers are likely to have is how much time CBD usually takes to each out the endocannabinoid system if taken orally. Well, it takes a little longer if consumed in edible form compared to liquid ones. Though, keep in mind that the most challenging part here could be, resisting the urge to eat more in a day than the estimated dose. 

Home Recipe for CBD Chocolate 

If you are a kitchen expert or like trying new recipes, this secret recipe crack is for you. Inessential to say, homemade CBD chocolate will not cost you much because if you have ingredients at home, you can easily make your chocolate. However, buying from a store can cost you a little more than average. 

So here, we will share the authentic chocolate recipe that you can use to make your CBD chocolate at home. It needs few essential ingredients that can be found easily in the kitchen, some utensils, and chocolate molds. 

If you are willing to know then, follow our secret recipe: 


1 cup unsalted butter

1 cup chocolate of your choice (broken up)

½ cup honey

One teaspoon vanilla extracts

CBD oil (added according to your dosage)

Make sure your CBD oil quantity is calculated and perfectly measured (as per the daily dose). In this recipe, you will need to use a baking tin to divide into different pieces and then choose the CBD amount according to your need.

Brownie Tip

Soon after some time, CBD chocolate will become the first choice of all chocolate lovers and those who cannot consume CBD directly due to its earthy taste. After all, who doesn’t want a bar of chocolate filled with plenty of benefits and made with delighted flavors? So, in case if you are looking for edible CBD and are not willing to opt for the option of gummies then, try making CBD chocolate and enjoy your after-meal time with a delicious sweet tooth.  The recipe is a hack for those who cannot access CBD chocolate due to legalities or restrictions. Make it at home and enjoy your CBD-infused bars without any hassle.